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Lightning Commercial Funding Testimonials

Read What Lightning Commercial Funding Clients Say…

“Harlan, Lightning Commercial Funding is the perfect name for your company – From the time we had a Purchase Agreement in hand to the time we closed the loan, less than 45 days! You guys are knowledgeable, professional, diligent, and efficient – a very refreshing experience. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”
-Rodney & Michelle Masari, Owner Sahara Smoke
San Diego, CA / GA

Hey Harlan, once again thanks for an outstanding job of getting the boat done. I had confidence in you, I also know if you say it, you’ll do your best to get it done.
-David “Smoke” Stewart, Professional Athlete
San Diego, CA

“The first rate service that you and your company provide is unsurpassed by anything I’ve experienced as a business broker in my twenty-four years. Empire Business Brokers will be happy to continue to send all of our financing business your way. I feel comfortable that you will give the same attention to our future deals as you have to those we’ve sent to you in the past.”
Nick Gugliuzza, President, Empire Business Brokers and Business Brokers of America, Buffalo, NY

“I have been working with Harlan and his group at Lightning Commercial Funding for over a year now. As a Lender, it is of the utmost importance to work with honest, ethical and extremely experienced loan brokerage houses to be successful. I consider Harlan and his group at the top of the list. Transactions go smoothly and the borrowers and sellers are always satisfied at the end of their loan funding. I truly value Harlan and his group and look forward to doing many years of business with them.”
Christy Lester FVP, Business Development Officer, Temecula Valley Bank, Temecula, CA

“As Action Coaches we are always looking to benefit our clients in any way that we can. I have been working the last year with Harlan Friedman of Lightning Commercial Funding, Inc out of San Diego. His company has been able to assist my clients with all of their financing needs, whether for SBA Loans, Business Line of Credit, Accounts Receivable Financing or even Land Development and investment property financing. I have found Harlan to be extremely knowledgeable as well as giving of his time to all my coaches and their clients. Harlan has met with all of my coaches and has educated them on the finer points of financing, which in turn has made my coaches more knowledgeable in the entire arena of cash flow modeling and projections.”
Jeff Weston, Master Licensee, Action Coach, San Diego, CA

“Harlan has been a godsend to our business brokerage efforts.He is very responsive, knowledgeable, and importantly tenacious. His efforts have allowed us to complete very difficult transactions. It is my opinion that others would not have taken the time to reach a successful conclusion.”
Tom Tuttle, Broker, San Diego, CA

“I wish to thank Lightning Commercial Funding, Inc. for being so instrumental in assisting in the closing of my latest large business sale transaction. Your thorough and professional financial package presentations along with your in depth knowledge of the banking industry virtually ensured a timely closing resulting in more referral business. Thanks for your help.”
Art Legros, Broker, Fallbrook, CA

“I have had the privilege of working with Harlan Friedman and David Padilla of Lightning Commercial Funding, Inc. for my most recent funding needs and I could not praise them highly enough for their efforts. I am in the business of purchasing investment properties and developing real estate, and any detail overlooked such as a development step not completed or a disclosure not realized could mean disaster.Harlan and his highly experienced staff guided me through the complete process of obtaining a loan thatwas right formy business, from developing the loan package to negotiating the final terms.”
Michael Chapin, Partner, Urban Vision Development, Newport Beach, CA

These are only a few of the Tesimonials that Lightning Commercial Funding has received over the years!