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SBA Financing Provides Money For Acquiring A New Business, Starting  A New One, or Expanding An Existing One.

Seller Carry Back Notes & Owner Financing


Why Wait for Your Money, By Selling Your Notes We Can Provide You immediate Funds. No Risk of Buyer Defaulting Down the Road Anymore.

Lightning Commercial Funding, Inc has established financial relationships with both private and corporate investors that are looking to buy this type of paper. We will act as a facilitator for you to help you as the business owner receive immediate cash for your seller carry backs.

You've made it possible for your business to be sold, so we want to help you out by giving you as much cash back as soon as possible. Many or our competitors want at least one year of seasoning. We will look at notes that have as little as three to six months of seasoning under certain conditions.

Our discounts are the best in the industry. If you are thinking about seller financing please consult us before you structure your seller note. By structuring the note properly at the beginning of the transaction, financing can have a greater likelihood of approval and when it's time to discount the note the procedure will be much quicker with less obstacles.

For Real estate transactions we offer the same opportunity as well, Call us to help you structure your note so we can offer you the best possible return on your investment when you sell the note.

Receive your cash today, rather than waiting for the next 5 to 10 to 15 years

Contact us today for more specific information as it relates to your individual situation.

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