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Transactions & Deals Recently Closed


Recent Closings; These Deals Occurred Throughout The United States Including Both Commercial And Business Loans

Refinance of Religious Institution $420,000, San Diego Based
Five Year Fixed, 4.95% 15 Year Amortization

Refinance of San Diego based Religious Institution $1,400,000
Loan Approved not closed - Congregation did not support Board recommendation

Commercial Real Estate Refinance of $10,000,000 Strip Center - Northern CA
Commercial Loan terms not disclosed by particpating broker

Purchase of San Diego based Sushi Bar & Restaurant
$1,200,000 acquistion of real estate financed SBA 7A Prime + 2.75% 25 Year amortization, 5-3-1 Prepayment penalty

An expansion of a San Diego based Restaurant working capital loan
$220,000 acquisition of assets financed SBA 7A prime +2.75% 10 Year amortization

An Industrial / Retail Warehouse Distribution Building in Southern California
1.35 Million purchase we financed 1.25M plus 258K in Tenant Improvements,
SBA 7A prime + 2.75% 25 Year amortization

Acquisition and Development of Arizona based Car Wash $1,600,000
Loan Approved but not closed, client not able to get Building Permits

The refinance of a Riverside County 66 Bed Assisted Living Care Facility
1.65 Million dollar refinance SBA 7A Adjustable Loan and 300K Commercial Loan Combination amortized over 25 years

An Acquisition of a North Carolina Knitting Manufacturing Company and accompanying Real Estate
1.45 Million purchase we financed 1.2M, SBA 7A Adjustable Loan Prime + 2.00 amortization 25 years

An Office Condo in Southern California
1.4 Million purchase we financed 1.2M, SBA 7A Fixed Five Year Loan 6.50%, amortization 25 years

A Grocery Store/Market in San Diego with real estate and commercial unit         SBA 7A Fixed five year loan prime +1 , 25 year amortization for 1.2 million

A Liquor Store in San Diego with no real estate,                                                  SBA 7A Loan for 250,000, prime + 2, 10 year fully amortized on pre-payment

A Neighborhood Retail Center in Los Angeles                                                    An existing commercial village refinance for 25 years fixed for 5 years, Loan amount 1.5 million dollars

Swim Training Center in San Diego                            
SBA 7A Loan
, 10 Year amortization prime + 2, no pre-payment for 480,000

Nationwide Flower Distributor based out of San Diego                                       Debt consolidation and refinance SBA 7A Loan, prime +2, ten year amortization for 500,000, no pre-payment

A Shell Service Station located in North San Diego County
A new $850,000 SBA 7A loan, closed within 60 days, including bulk sale transfer
liquor license, and lottery license. Prime +2.0%, 10 years fully amortized
$1,730,000 SBA 504 Loan for the acquisition of the above real estate. Prime +1.25%
25 year, fully amortized

Five (5) Self Storage Facilities located in Arizona and Nevada
Total loan amount $30,000,000 for both construction and acquisitions

A Residential Care Facility located in Northern California
$600,000 Commercial Loan, 8.45%, 25 year, fully amortized

Three (4) Subway Franchises
$815,000 SBA 7A Loan, no prepayment penalties, Prime +2.0%

A manufacturing company that produces modular office stations and furniture
Located in Southern California, $780,000 SBA 7A loan no real estate, closed within 45 days from start to funding. Prime +2.25% 8.9 years fully amortized, 3-2-1 declining pre-payment

The Construction and Refinancing of a Synagogue in North San Diego County
$1,550,000, 7.625% for 20 Year term

The Sale of Personal Property and Real Estate Business Note
$250,000 Discounted Note in Detroit, Michigan

Two construction and development projects lot hard money loans
For a total of $1,500,000.00 in San Diego County, which enabled both developers to move forward with their full development program.

A 59 Unit Apartment Complex located in Oklahoma
$1,192,000 Investment Property Loan 4.625% 25 years amortization due in 7 years.

A manufacturing company of small parts located in Southern California
Combination of private financing, seller carry-back and second trust deed financing
$550,00 10 year fixed rate.

An escrow, real estate and mortgage brokerage located in Southern California
$750,000 SBA 7A loan no real estate, closed within 90 days from start to funding
Prime + 2.50% 10 years fully amortized 3-2-1 declining pre-payment.

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