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Why Use a Commercial Loan Broker or Financial Broker?


We Have The Right Key To "Unlock" All The Mystery Of Commercial Loans For You.

The following appears directly from the excellent book, “Getting Financing and Developing Land
by Michael C. Thomsett published by Craftsman Book Company 2000.

I could not have said it better if I wrote it myself. It truly captures the need for a financial broker (mortgage broker) when it comes to land development.

“Finding the right lender on your own isn’t always easy because different institutions specialize in different financial products and have different requirements. The mortgage broker may be the best place to start in your quest for development financing. They specialize in matching lenders’ products to borrowers’ needs. A professional broker knows where the money is and can make the connections you need to tap into some of it. He or she does the research to identify the best lender for your type of project, makes the contacts, and then handles the paperwork for you.”

Why A Financial Broker?

  • There will be one person/team responsible for the financing of the transaction not just one Financial Institution that you are expecting loan approval from.
  • You will receive immediate feedback from us whether positive or negative. No waiting by the phone for a call from your local banker that he /she is afraid of making because of how it will effect your previous banking relationship.
  • By working with a broker from the inception of the transaction we can "craft" the purchase agreement to meet the needs of different lenders.
  • If and when your Financial Institution turns down your deal you will not have to start over, because when we get a loan package we immediately send it to at least four lenders that we have close working relationships with.
  • We will be able to negotiate the best terms and conditions due to our close banking relationships that have been well established.
  • We will keep a "hands-on approach from submission of the application to the eventual funding of your deal.
  • Because a broker does more than one deal with a bank, we will tend to be able to get marginal deals approved due to our well established banking relationships, one broker's clients are much more in demand by the banker than one deal by a lone customer.
  • Also, because of our relationships we can get a "unofficial" look at underwriting before actual submission, thus unearthing issues that would not come to the surface until final underwriting which most likely would have caused the loan to be denied.
Lastly and most importantly, Your Commercial Loan Broker AND YOU WILL KNOW WHERE YOUR DEAL STANDS AT ALL TIMES.
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