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Commercial Funding
SBA Financing Provides Money For Acquiring A New Business, Starting  A New One, or Expanding An Existing One.

Factoring , Invoice Factoring & Accounts Receivables Financing, An Easy Way To Raise Cash Quickly


With No Minimum Dollar Amounts, Or No Minimum Terms, And Very Competitive Pricing With No Continuing Contractual Obligations

By Factoring your accounts receivable an owner of a business can get immediate cash on a monthly basis without having to wait for their receivables to be paid.

At Lightning Commercial Funding we have established relationships with some of the most aggressive private and corporate purchasers of accounts receivables, and Purchase Order Financing Lenders.

The process is a simple one. To get started just email us and we will send you a complete two page factor worksheet for you or your client to fill out and after we receive and review the paperwork we will give you a very competitive quote for your receivables.

Unlike our competition there are no contracts revolving around time commitments to be signed. You can factor once or you can factor every month. The choice is yours. Factoring is a very simple way to increase your bottom line.

Include factoring in your plans while examining ways to maximize your cash flow needs today, as well as Purchase Order Financing.

For a glossary of relevant terms that pertain to accounts receivable financing and asset based lending please read on.

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