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Commercial Loans, A General Overview


Cash Flow the King Of Commercial Loans

Unlike residential loans, cash flow of the investment is what drives all rates and terms for any investment property loan.

If the profit and loss statement, and the interim financial statement do not demonstrate a positive cash flow after servicing the new debt, no conventional lender will lend you money for the project. Commercial funding will not be available if there is no cash flow


All Investment Property Loans are made to be repaid.

The average banker won't tell you that but that is the underlined assumption when any lender makes you a loan they want your commercial real estate loan repaid

This might be an obvious point but it is so easily overlooked in the excitement of the transaction.

If a lender is telling you that they won't finance your project they are doing you a service.

They are telling you directly that you will lose money, but on the other hand the lender does make you a loan then you know that the deal is at least cash flowing as it is presented today.

Commercial loans are geared specifically to each type of real estate investment.

For a No-obligation Professional Financial Analysis of an Investment you may be considering contact us.

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